STARS Rescue


Save The Animals Rescue Society, Inc. (STARS) is licensed by the State of Georgia as a rescue shelter. We are a non-profit corporation and have a 501c3 status, which means that all donations to STARS are tax deductible. STARS operates through a network of loving foster homes. We are a no-kill facility. Any animal accepted into the STARS system will have a home in our organization until a "forever" home is found through adoption.

The STARS group has a strong commitment to accepting animals from local animal control shelters, but because there are many legitimate reasons for private individuals being unable to continue caring for their animals, we strive to accept private releases when possible so that these animals don't become another number at the animal control shelter with an approximate 90% chance of being euthanized after a traumatic "stay" at the shelter Since animals don't recognize city or county boundary lines, we accept releases from Richmond and Columbia Counties and the CSRA area.

Our fur babies are quarantined 10 - 14 days (puppies are quarantined for three weeks to receive two DA2PPV shots) to ensure as much as possible that they are disease free; they are given all vaccinations including rabies; they are seen by local veterinarians for medical checkups; they are given heartworm tests if age appropriate and given heartworm treatment if needed; and they are spayed or neutered as part of the requirements for adoption. They are fostered in homes which provide love, socialization, nurturing, and some training to ensure they are loving family pets.

The STARS mission

The mission of STARS is to eliminate the unnecessary euthanasia of healthy, adoptable pets through an aggressive rescue policy and adoption program;
to institute an education program that teaches responsibilities of pet ownership; to elicit empathy and compassion for defenseless animals;

To increase the awareness of the devastation of pet overpopulation and abandonment of defenseless animals;

To strive for strict spay/neuter legislation; to work with law enforcement agencies in the prosecution to the fullest extent of the law persons found guilty of inhumane treatment and/or cruelty to any animal;

To aggressively work toward stiffer penalties for inhumane treatment, negligent treatment, or cruelty to animals;
to provide to the citizens of our area a safe, reliable, managed by local veterinarians, low-cost spay/neuter and vaccination programs;

And to help relieve stress and loneliness to some of our elderly citizens in assisted living or nursing home environments by offering companionship visits with our animals for emotional therapy.

How you can help

• Make a monetary donation
• Become a STARS foster parent
• Donate your time at Adoptionsz on Saturdays
• Donate items such as crates, collars, leashes, food/water dishes
• Become active in local spay/neuter programs